Our Professional Services

When you get your hair styled, you want to walk out of the salon feeling happy and confident. The right hair cut and style should make you feel uplifted and beautiful. At Cartel The Salon, we can give you that haircut that will make you look younger, happier and more beautiful. We do all types of cutting, including layered, blunt, bangs, textured and crop. All cuts are performed by our talented stylists who have years of experience. Getting your haircut regularly will make your hair easier to manage and will keep your look fresh. Your hair will benefit from getting trims because they will help you avoid split ends. Once your hair develops spilt ends they continue to split and will move from the ends towards the scalp. If you don’t get your hair trimmed, there’s a possibility that you can end up with frizzy, straggly, fine, damaged looking hair. It’ll be a lot easier to keep your hair looking healthy if you trim a quarter of an inch versus waiting and having to cut off three inches of your hair. Whether you know exactly what style of cut you want or would like some suggestions, we will give you the style that compliments and frames your face perfectly.


Your satisfaction is our first priority. Just let us know what you like and what you dislike. We can blow dry your hair or we can flat iron it or use a conventional curling iron. We also do hair for special events such as bridal styling, wedding party styling, proms and sweet sixteens. We style men and children’s hair as well.


Our highly trained and experienced hair coloring experts at Cartel The Salon offer coloring and highlighting services to suit your specific needs and preferences. We do all types of coloring, from custom highlights and lowlights to 2 step coloring and colored weaves. We use only the the finest quality professional products and guarantee that you will walk out of our salon doors looking your best. Highlighting refers to changing a someone’s natural hair color by the use of a lightener or hair color to certain color hair strands. Different types of highlights include foil highlights, hair painting, chunking, and frosting. Highlights can be done in either unnatural or natural colors. People can ger color highlights come in four different categories which are temporary, demi-permanent , semi-permanent and permanent. Hair that is needed to be lightened with bleach is permanent. If you would like to consult with one of our coloring experts, call us to schedule an appointment.


Cartel The Salon offers complete makeup services to make you look flawless and beautiful. For a special night out, prom, birthday party, anniversary, or engagement, we have all the tools and experience to create the look you want. Simple or sultry, daytime or nighttime — we do it all. Feel free to show us inspirational photos or ideas to help us give you the perfect look so that you feel and look beautiful at your event. We also specialize in creating stunning and elegant looks for your wedding day.


If you have long, curly, unruly hair, this is a must for you. Now, you can have smooth, shiny and flowing hair with a new faster conditioning process. It conditions, seals and smooths your hair so you can have full, smooth, sleek styling like never before. This service will last for up to 12 weeks. Keratin conditioning is a treatment that helps improve the health of ones hair. It helps to improves hairs elasticity which means that the hair will be stronger, more resistant to damage, and more manageable with less frizz. This conditioning also helps to repair hair has already been damaged and will help to reduce breakage in the hair. This treatment is usually used by people who have extremely dry hair and by people who have hair that’s been chemically processed and damaged from getting hair permanently colored or by the repeated use of styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.


A hair perm is a chemical process that changes the hairs natural shape. People with hair that is straight hair can change it into curls or waves and people with curly hair can manage their curls a lot better by adding body to it. There are many different types of perms. Some of which are called stack, volumizing, spiral and spot. The volumizing hair perm will add volume to hair for a fuller look. It won’t add curls or waves. It can work for long or heavy hair to add volume to hair that is flat. The spot perm is done on one section of the hair only. They can be used on curly hair to tame its frizziness. The stack perm is when different sized perm rods are stacked from the top to the bottom of the head. The stack perm can add wave, body or curl to hair. The spiral perm is usually done to longer hair and will give a twisted look to hair strands. Whether you’re just looking to create more hair volume or want permanent wash and curls, our hair perming specialists can help create the right look.


We offer a number of hair removal options, including waxing and threading.


We use an ammonia-free, demi-permanent hair dye glaze to correct, refresh or enhance your hair color. Hair glaze increases hair’s shine and makes permanent color last longer. It usually lasts anywhere from one to two weeks. You can get a hair glaze in two varieties. It can come in both a clear glaze and color glaze. Whichever glaze you end up choosing will work by coating your hair shaft with shine. Think of this shine as being your “top coat” but instead of it being for your nails, it will be for your hair. A color glaze will not only add shine but will also add a semipermanent hair color. The reason that some people prefer getting a color glaze done rather than a permanent color is because while permanent color comes with the problem of different colored roots, a color glaze gradually fades over the course of a few weeks.


A conditioning treatment is a service that is more intensive or targeted than conditioner or cream rinse that is meant to be used on a daily basis. This treatment is used to help restore hair that is dry and brittle to its natural body and shine. Another use for it can be to help manage dandruff. Conditioning treatments can be used on all types of hair. You must be sure to choose a treatment that is right for your hair issues and hair type. They can also be used to help protect hair that has been color treated and to stop color treated hair from getting split ends or breaking. For clients who are looking to restore health, shine and life to their hair, we offer several deep conditioning treatments. Each treatment removes buildup, adds moisture and nourishes the hair follicles with essential vitamins.


For weddings we are responsible for the hair style and makeup application. We always do a trial before booking for the day of. A trial is when we either go to your house or have you come to the salon, whichever works best for you and try numerous hairstyles and makeup ideas until everything is to your liking. After the trial you can then decide if you'd like to book for the day of.