When you get your hair styled, you want to walk out of the salon feeling happy and confident. The right hair cut and style should make you feel uplifted and beautiful. At Cartel The Salon, we can give you that haircut that will make you look younger, happier and more beautiful. We do all types of cutting, including layered, blunt, bangs, textured and crop. All cuts are performed by our talented stylists who have years of experience. Getting your haircut regularly will make your hair easier to manage and will keep your look fresh. Your hair will benefit from getting trims because they will help you avoid split ends. Once your hair develops spilt ends they continue to split and will move from the ends towards the scalp. If you don’t get your hair trimmed, there’s a possibility that you can end up with frizzy, straggly, fine, damaged looking hair. It’ll be a lot easier to keep your hair looking healthy if you trim a quarter of an inch versus waiting and having to cut off three inches of your hair. Whether you know exactly what style of cut you want or would like some suggestions, we will give you the style that compliments and frames your face perfectly.