Hair Treatments

There are different types of hair treatments available to improve the appearance of your hair. The type of hair treatment you get depends upon the result you’re looking to achieve. People get hair treatments for different reasons: to straighten hair, to create long lasting curls, to create body and volume or even to fix damaged, brittle hair. Speak to your hair stylist about your desired outcome and he or she will be able to recommend the appropriate hair treatment for you. Before you go to your stylist, it’s a good idea to explore different options based on what look you want to achieve.

Loosening Curls and Straightening Hair

If you want to loosen your tight curls without straightening your hair, you could get texturing done. A texturer is not meant to straighten your hair. It’s meant to make your curls looser. However, if your goal is to completely straighten your hair, you could get a relaxer. The job of the relaxer is to completely rid of the curls and to give you straight hair. There is another very popular option used to straighten hair called the Brazilian Keratin treatment. It does much more than just straighten hair. The Brazilian Keratin fixes your frizzy, unhealthy, dull, mistreated hair. It gives your hair shine, repairs your hair’s internal damage and makes hair healthier and protects it from further damage by coating it. The treatment uses Keratin-a natural substance, but also uses formaldehyde as an active ingredient. The formaldehyde is used to bind the Keratin which makes your hair stronger and healthier. However, the safety of the Brazilian Keratin treatment is controversial due to the formaldehyde contents.

Creating Long Lasting Curls & Adding Body to Your Hair

If you want to create long lasting curls or create a fuller look with more body, you could get a perm or a body wave. The purpose of a perm/body wave is to create long lasting curls. A perm is used to create a curly look while a body wave has looser curls because the purpose of it is to give your hair more body. The loose curls can be blown out with a hair dryer to create a full look without any curls at all.

Nourishing Your Hair & Scalp

If you want to nourish your hair and scalp, you could get a Moroccan Oil Treatment. This is a very unique serum. It instantly absorbs into hair and creates beautiful shine and long term conditioning. It nourishes your hair and alleviates itchy, dry scalps. It will alleviate split ends and breakage without making your hair oily.