Exploring Hairstyles

Before you go to your stylist, it’s very helpful if you could provide your hairdresser with some ideas about what you like. Once you present them to your stylist, he or she can discuss the styles that may work for you and the ones that may not work as well for you based on his or her expertise. He or she will take into everything we discussed above (hair texture, facial features, your personality and style, the shape of your face) and will provide suggestions on what your best options are. During the consultation, you and you’re stylist can decide what haircut and style is best suited for you. Before you go to your appointment, look through some magazines and search for hair styles that interest you. You could also gather some pictures of friends and family who have hair styles you like. You should gather several hairdos you like so you can show them to your stylist who will help you to choose the best look for you.