Curling and Permanent Wave

A hair perm is a chemical process that changes the hairs natural shape. People with hair that is straight hair can change it into curls or waves and people with curly hair can manage their curls a lot better by adding body to it. There are many different types of perms. Some of which are called stack, volumizing, spiral and spot. The volumizing hair perm will add volume to hair for a fuller look. It won’t add curls or waves. It can work for long or heavy hair to add volume to hair that is flat. The spot perm is done on one section of the hair only. They can be used on curly hair to tame its frizziness. The stack perm is when different sized perm rods are stacked from the top to the bottom of the head. The stack perm can add wave, body or curl to hair. The spiral perm is usually done to longer hair and will give a twisted look to hair strands. Whether you’re just looking to create more hair volume or want permanent wash and curls, our hair perming specialists can help create the right look.