Caring For Hair Color

Colored hair is more susceptible to damage, needs special attention and treatment to: prevent physical damage and to prevent color from fading. Colored hair should be conditioned often but not just with any product. Shampoos & conditioners made just for colored hair should be used. Hair should not be washed too often and should be patted dry instead of blow dried. You should be careful when using a curling iron to avoid breakage. Also recently colored hair should not be permed as it can result in severe damage due to the harsh chemicals used to create curls or waves (permanent wave). One way to protect colored hair is to get a top coat treatment or color gloss. A Top Coat treatment makes color treated hair stronger, more vibrant and luxurious. It also protects your colored hair from further damage. Color Gloss has a similar affect on your hair. Color Gloss seals hair cuticles, which helps color last longer. It can also tone down hair color that’s too bright or brassy. If you would like to neutralize and enhance your tones, you could use a Flash Finish which will do the job in 10 minutes or less.